What child is this: Greene Co. woman seeks biological family

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local woman is seeking her biological family after she was left on a doorstep as a newborn.

Sixty-six years ago, a baby was left alone and abandoned on an Albany doorstep. Fate and luck saved her life, but the mystery surrounding her birth has never been solved.

‘Twas two nights before Christmas, December 23, 1949, a couple on Wilkins Avenue in Albany was woken by the sound of a baby crying. On their doorstep was an abandoned, newborn only a couple hours old.

The little girl was taken to Brady Hospital. Her story made headlines, yet no one came forward to claim her. She was a Christmas angel in need of parents and a name.

Since it was Christmas time, they decided to call her Mary Christine, as in Merry Christmas. Still, 66 years later, there are two questions that linger: Who was her birth mother and whatever happened to that little girl?

mary christine hughes christine ray

Today, she lives in Greene County and goes by the name Christine Ray.

“I consider myself very lucky,” she said.

She was adopted as Mary Christine Hughes. She had great parents and a wonderful childhood. But how did she end up on their doorstep?

“Possibly an unwed mother that was just scared, no means of supporting a baby,” she assumed. “That’s what I always thought.”

Records show it was 28 degrees that night in 1949, and she was wrapped in only a blanket.

“Do you wonder, I mean, if she puts you on a different doorstep, and they don’t hear you crying, who knows how this story ends,” NEWS10 ABC anchor John Gray asked.

“Yeah, I know,” Ray responded. “Could have been a lot of things could have happened.”

But time changes things. Today, Brady Hospital is St. Catherine’s Center. She married a wonderful man and took the last name Ray. She has kids and grandkids, but there’s still one unanswered question.

“It’s always been in the back of my mind, and it’s just like seeing that story last summer of that one woman in Athens who reunited [with her nurse] when she was a baby,” Ray said. “And my daughter was just kinda like saying, ‘Mom, you should do something, you know. What have you got to lose?’”

Christmas has always been special to Ray. Her ideal gift this year would be to unwrap the mystery. If her birth mother or siblings are still alive, she hopes they reach out because Ray said they will only get kindness in return.

“I’m not the least bit bitter,” she said. “I feel like my mother had to do what she did at the time.”

What child is this?

Someone, somewhere may hold the secret.

If someone has information that may help Ray, send an e-mail to John Gray at jgray@news10.com

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