Local priest charged with Unlawful Surveillance, Tampering with Evidence

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Colonie Police said 35-year-old Adam Egan entered a dressing room at the Salvation Army in Latham on Wednesday. He held his phone over the divider and recorded a woman in the other room changing.

Police arrested him shortly after and charged him with Unlawful Surveillance and Tampering with Evidence because he deleted the video.

St. Stephens Episcopal Church is preparing for services Thursday night and they only told us “We’re holding Adam and his family in our prayers and the woman’s family. We’re a church, that’s what we do.”

On the church’s website, it said Egan has been employed with them since 2010 and he described his Christian journey as “anything but typical”.

We tried to reach out to family for comment but they declined.

A Facebook page that appears to be Egan’s shows photos of him in robes and it said he’s married.

Adam Egan (Colonie PD)
Adam Egan (Colonie PD)



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