Hundreds expected at Black Lives Matter Mall of America protest

FILE - In this Dec. 20, 2014 file photo, demonstrators chant, "Black lives matter," to protest police, at the Mall of America rotunda in Bloomington, Minn. The Minneapolis chapter of Black Lives Matter is planning to rally later in December 2015 at the mall to protest the November killing of Jamar Clark, a black man by Minneapolis police. (Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

MINNEAPOLIS (NEWS10) — Activists are planning a Black Lives Matter demonstration that they say could bring hundreds of protesters to the Mall of America on Wednesday, December 23.

The protest aims to draw attention to last month’s police shooting of Jamar Clark.

Minneapolis police say the 24-year-old black man died following a struggle with officers.

Human rights advocates and witnesses say Clark was handcuffed when an officer shot him in the head.

The mall has attempted to stop the protest, but the judge said she did not have the power to interfere with the public’s right to assemble.

The judge did, however, ban three organizers from attending the demonstration.

In a statement released Monday, the Black Lives matter organizers vowed that the demonstration would continue without them unless their demands are met.

BLM organizers say that a special prosecutor should be appointed in lieu of a jury to decide whether the officers involved in Clark’s death should be charged.

In addition, they ask that federal terrorism charges be brought against the four men who shot and injured several activists outside a Minneapolis police precinct in November.

Despite the ban, Black Lives Matter leaders have promised to keep Wednesday’s protest peaceful.

Police have not said what security measures will be implemented during the protests.

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