Community deeply saddened over loss of Bill Chamberlain

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It is a very emotional day for members of the Troy community.

Lots of hugs and tears are being shared at Troy City Hall, remembering their friend and coworker Bill Chamberlain. A private memorial service was held upstairs here before the mayor talked with the media, allowing for those who knew and loved bill to grieve together.

Mayor Rosamilia was fighting back tears, calling Bill Chamberlain reliable, organized, smart and a problem solver.

The mayor praised Chamberlain’s accomplishments throughout his nearly 30 years of service to the Collar City – holding many titles throughout his tenure, most recently working as the Director of Operations for the city.

Mayor Rosamilia says while he only really worked alongside Bill for the last four years, he knew if he needed something done, Bill would be there to get the job done… and it would be done right.

“The thing that stands out the most to me, was my ability to say “Bill, we need to put together a snow emergency.” and it was accomplished. He would take a task, he would test it, work the theory through and come up with a resolution,” said Rosamilia.

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