St. Rose students and staff hold mock funeral amid layoffs

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Tuesday students and faculty at Saint Rose continued to protest the schools’ decision to lay off nearly two dozen faculty members and cut almost 30 academic programs.

It’s becoming a familiar scene at Saint Rose: protesters rallying against cuts by the school.

28 programs will be cut, including some that will disappear completely like sociology, Spanish and geology.

That’s along with 23 faculty members,13 of which are tenured positions. More than a hundred protestors came out on Tuesday for a mock funeral procession mourning the cuts.

Professors saying their students don’t know what to do.

“I’ve had students that come into my office crying. They’ve cried in my office. They’re mad. They’re sad. They’re confused. They’re wondering why this college would get rid of a program like sociology,” said one teacher.

The school released a statement on Tuesday saying less than 4% of Saint Rose students are in the programs that are being cut and these changes will benefit students now and in the future.

A rally and mock funeral procession, was held outside of Moran Hall.

Advocates have been circulating a petition calling on the school’s president to rescind the cuts or resign, but the school’s Chief of Staff says the cuts are necessary for the growth and success of the college.


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