Kinder Morgan holds Q&A for Schoharie Co. pipeline

SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There are three sides to the conversation in Schoharie County. Those who want this pipeline, those who don’t and those who want more information.

On Tuesday Kinder Morgan, the gas company proposing the pipeline gave a chance for people to get educated and have any questions answered and to have their opinions heard.

People in Schoharie County are not seeing eye to eye on the idea of having a natural gas pipeline running through their area. A project this size could mean jobs for union workers who want to a job close to home.

“We do live here. Our people live and raise their families here. Their backyards are our backyards. We would never get behind a project that would adversely impact our neighborhoods, our communities,” said Frank Marchese.

The flip side is a view of this pipeline as a disruptor: Something that is un-natural and will only do irreversible harm to the planet over time. People with that train of thought say the jobs are not worth the risk.

“They don’t want to be breathing the air that’s coming out of a compressor station, they don’t want to deal with the impacts to their water courses. They don’t want to see 700,000 trees cut to make a swath across this relatively pristine region.” Said Wes Gillingham, Program Director and Catskill mountain keeper.

Caught in the middle are those who just want more information. They had a chance to speak with the gas company itself and make their own decisions based on the graphs, power points and answers they absorbed. Kinder Morgan wants all of the cards on the table, from the start.

“The good thing about these meetings is you can ask a question one on one. Not asking a question and getting a one minute response, you can spend 20 minutes with one our experienced professionals to learn in detail what our project is and answer questions,” said Allen Fore vice president of Kinder Morgan.

But there’s one more opinion consider, those that call this land home.

“I feel we need to stop this pipeline, because it only furthers the destruction that is in our neighboring town. It’s going to affect all people and all walks of life,” said Kanerahtiio, Bear Clan, and Mohawk Nation.

Kinder Morgan says that the meeting was for educating people and removing and doubts that they may have, but if you would like to research this idea for yourself, click here, here, here and here.

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