Hearing aids for the holidays: People of Mexico granted devices

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Being able to hear is one of our natural born gifts, but not everyone can. A local hearing aid specialist is helping to change that by doing something very special in light of the holidays.

Two months ago, Andrew Roth traveled to Mexico for a mission with the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

“We gave hearing aids to a lot of children, a lot of adults,” said Andrew Roth, hearing instrument specialist.

Many of them not being able to hear saw their world change when Roth came into their lives.

“When people shed tears of joy because they can hear again, it really makes me feel good,” said Roth.

hearing aid

He and the Starkey Hearing Foundation spent one week in Mexico and gave away about 500+ hearing aids a day, so over a course of a week, that’s about 2,000.

He learned people there have limited access to healthcare or they’re not able to afford the care they need. When he traveled back to the United States he wanted to do something special locally.

“This is a special event we’re doing for the holiday season,” Roth said.

One person will be chosen amongst many to receive a free hearing aid for the holidays and all you have to do is fill out an application and explain why you should be selected.

An average hearing aid without health insurance costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

And from now until the 24th, ‘Hearing For You’ will be going over the applications to pick one lucky person based on their health needs and financial situation.

“You know, sometime when you pick one winner, a lot of people miss out if there is a lot of need and there’s a lot of people that fit those qualifications, they’re still going to be able to be helped,” said Roth.

It’s the first time the hearing aid practice has had a contest like this, but Roth says his trip to Mexico made him realize how badly he wants to give a person their one sense back.

“When people hear for the first time, it’s just an amazing feeling,” Roth continued.

The contest is still going on – you have until now to the 24th to submit your application, here.

The winner will receive the hearing aid past the New Year.

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