Schumer, Cuomo see dangerous loophole with terrorists legally buying guns

Charles Schumer

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – They said there is something called a gun terror loophole and they want to change it immediately for the safety of our nation and for New York State.

“It is a basic breach of national security”, said Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo joined Senator Chuck Schumer to talk about this loophole in the gun buying system.

Both the Senator and Governor said with the recent events involving terrorism in our country, they need to fix this problem as soon as possible.

“It is sheer madness what we are doing now. You can be a suspect terrorist and it is not illegal to possess a firearm or explosives”, said Cuomo

“If you’re on a terrorist watch list you can buy a gun”, said Schumer.

Right now when someone wants to buy a gun, their information and background check are run through a federal database.

“Which looks at past criminal history, mental health history etc. It does not now check the terrorism databases”, said Cuomo.

Senator Schumer said that’s a big problem and one that Congress has been trying to fix.

“We tried in the last two weeks to prohibit guns from being sold to those on the terrorist watch list. It only lost by a few votes, but it lost. Too many senators were in the grip, the vice grip of the NRA”, said Schumer.

David Petronis owns a local gun shop and runs the gun shows in Saratoga. He agrees something needs to be done but also cautions lawmakers to not take away the right to bear arms.

“We just don’t know who could be placed on this watch list. If only terrorists or suspected terrorists are on the watch list, I’m all for it. There’s nothing wrong with that”, said Petronis.

Petronis suggests having a national database, similar to a credit card.

“If you have this national gun buying card that would go through all of the states and you flip this little card out and you want to buy a rifle, a long gun a shotgun whatever you want to buy, and in a matter of minutes they could find out all of the information they need”, said Petronis.

As far as THAT idea goes, it has been proposed by the NRA but Petronis said he’s not sure where it stands.


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