60% of 2015 car crash fatalities were not wearing seatbelts

(WIAT) — When first responders are called to an accident, they rush out and they are ready to help. The worst calls are when there’s nothing they can do.

“I’ve got to tell that family and to me that’s the worst part of the job and I can remember nearly every one of them,” Alabama State Trooper Chuck Daniel said.

“You try not to take it home with you but you know some of the stuff we see it’s going to affect a normal person. There’s nothing you can do,” Lt. Ryan Farrell with the Vestavia Hills Fire Department said.

Trooper Chuck Daniel says right now in Alabama, there’s an average of 88 crashes a day. One in 60 of those is fatal.

Trooper Daniel says there’s an easy and proven way to cut down on the number of people who die in car crashes.

“Wear your seat belt,” Trooper Daniel said.

If that sounds like a no brainer, think about this: according to state troopers 14 people died in car crashes in Alabama this month. 403 have died in crashes where seat belts were available so far this year. 60 percent of those were not wearing their seat belt.

“I’ve been to accidents similar to fatalities where the patient opened the door and walked out because they had that seat belt on,” Lt. Farrell said.

“I cannot stress that enough in my career as a trooper and in law enforcement the majority of the fatalities I worked didn’t have a seat belt on,” Trooper Daniel said.

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