St. Rose to announces cuts to programs

ALBANY, NY (NEWS 10) -“The student body as a whole feels like they have been ignored. They feel as though their concerns have not been heard”, said Saint Rose Junior and college newspaper editor Jonas Miller.

Saint Rose students are concerned about how campus life will change after the college confirmed academic reprioritization.

Saint Rose said seventy-five percent of their population is enrolled in twenty-five percent of available programs. The ones with the least enrollment have been cut.

“That’s in order to invest in programs that exist and are growing, and possibly create new programs that students and their families want”, said Chief of Staff at Saint Rose Lisa Thomson.

Saint Rose offers small class sizes, which are about twenty people per professor. Enrollment is down sixteen percent since 2008, which has driven up tuition and fees up for perspective students.

Forty programs and twenty-three professors have been flagged for removal. Saint Rose Freshman Daysia Davis worries that fewer teachers means less time.

“I email my professors and get a reply in an hour or two, usually. I’m definitely going to have to fight more for more of my teacher’s time because they are going to have more people to talk to now”, said Davis.

There have been rallies and protests against these changes with students speaking out to faculty to consider campus life as well as academics. Some students are discouraged by the way all of this has played out but the word on campus is, “stay positive.”

“Show support for the people that it will affect, and the professors that just found out they won’t be returning next semester; and I think just keep your head up”, said Miller.

Lisa Thomson said that cutting away parts of the college was not an easy process, but that these are necessary and progressive change for the greater good of the university now, and looking into the future.

“We are making decisions that will maintain the character and the values of the college of saint rose, and enable us to have a future of fiscal stability”, said Thomson.

All parties involved are optimistic that things will pan out for the best. Students and faculty said they just have to weather this storm.

If you would like to read the full statement from saint rose, it’s on a link in this story on

Read the full release here:

Academic Programs at the College of Saint Rose

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