No Snow! Why are drivers getting tickets for snow parking?

AMSTERDAM, NY (NEWS 10) – The city’s winter parking ordinance has gone into effect, but with no snow on the ground, some drivers are left with parking tickets they don’t think they deserve.

Large signs around the city clearly show that the odd/even parking rules begin November 1to help DPW crews clear the streets in case of a snow storm.

City Police tell News10ABC up until the beginning of this week, they were only handing out warnings but now, they’re doling out $40 tickets to anyone parked on the wrong side of the street whether there’s snow or not.

Sonnet Gravina got one of those tickets right outside her home. She says she understands the winter parking rules but didn’t think twice about them since it’s been so unseasonably warm.

“We have had no snow, it was 50 degrees, there’s no snow in the forecast, it really didn’t seem to make sense that I needed to concern myself with this because we didn’t have any winter weather and there was no need for the roads to be cleared,” Gravina tells News 10.

The winter parking ordinance stays in effect in Amsterdam through April 1.

The neighboring City of Gloversville has postponed their all-night winter parking ban they’ll reassess the weather on Monday.

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