Enormous amount of mail to be delivered to Safyre

ROTTERDAM, NY (NEWS10) – This is what Safyre’s first batch of mail looked like just two days ago. Now there is so much mail, the post office needed to quickly reassess their delivery plan.

“We’ve gotten so much mail Nicole that we’ve had to move out of the Rotterdam Square Mall Post Office”, said John Reilly.

The love for Safyre Terry is not only overflowing her card tree, but now it’s overflowing the Rotterdam square Mall Post office.

“These are all for you”.

“What?” said Sa’Fyre.

And if she thought that was a lot check this out. Just two days after picking up her first batch of love from around the world, Sa’Fyre’s mail now needs to be delivered to her.

18,000 cards and letters, 400 packages and 20 express boxes were all packed into a two ton truck.

The number of cards, packages, letters and hope for the 8-year-old little girl from Schenectady is only expected to continue to grow.

“We anticipate this continuing right through to Christmas, maybe even after. We’ve definitely started something here and we’re just going to roll with it”, said Reilly.

It’s causing the postal service to rethink their plans for sorting and delivering. Because of this, now a post office from another county is stepping in to help.

“Because of the outpouring of cards and letters, from as we said throughout the country and the world now, we’ve had so many that it’s been difficult to sort by hand”, said Reilly.

The general mail facility in Albany has offered to separate everything and put them into trays, which are then brought to Schenectady, and delivered right to Sa’Fyre’s front door.

No matter how much mail comes in, or for how long, the post office is ready to continue to make Safyre’s wish come true.

“We are expecting this to increase by many thousands and we are prepared to deal with that”, said Reilly.

John Reilly tells me Saturday will be another big day for them and adding Monday will be the biggest delivery day to date.

He said there might be so much mail, they’ll have to deliver it to her in a tractor-trailer.



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