Ex-NY Senate leader, son guilty of extortion charges

NEW YORK, NY (NEWS 10) -It was tense in the courtroom where the jury sent back their final note saying that they have reached a verdict. The foreperson read out “guilty” for a total of sixteen counts against Dean and Adam Skelos, the former Senate Majority leader putting his arm around his son.

Guilty on all counts. Den Skelos left the courthouse with his arm around his son Adam and was escorted by their defense attorneys.

Dean entered the courtroom with a smile all week and was now stone faced. Adam just a few days ago told us he was confident he would be innocent stared straight ahead and ignored my questions.

“Are you guys sure you don’t want to make a comment”?

We caught up with Dean’s Defense Attorney Robert Gage who gave a brief statement.

“We are obviously disappointed with the verdict. The next step is the post-trial motions and we intend to upsurge them vigorously.

“You have been saying all week you were expecting to be found innocent. Any comments”?

“No further comments today”, said Gage.

Adams Defense Attorney Christopher Coniff said he will appeal.

“Do you plan to appeal”?

“Yes”, said Coniff.

Dean’s wife Gail avoided the courtroom for most of the week but did sit in the front row when the verdict was read Friday. Her sobs became more audible as each “guilty” was uttered.

“Gail any comment”?

Among those in the courtroom who waited to learn the fate of Dean and Adam Skelos was U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara who later posted this tweet that said “How many prosecutions will it take before Albany gives the people of New York the honest government they deserve”?

Bail was continued for the defendants and sentencing set for March 3rd.

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