Crews, dive team on Troy waterfront

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A dive team was on the Hudson River Friday searching for evidence related to a missing woman.

The Troy Police Department was on the shores of the Hudson River Friday. Crime scene tape blocked off the area.

Several investigators were at the scene, and a dive team was in the water.

troy noel police hudson river search

Police said they were looking for evidence in connection to Noel Alkaramla.

“We’re just doing what we need to do to run this lead down, and if something comes of it great, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t,” Troy Police Captain Dan DeWolf said. “But we certainly want to run down every lead that we get so that we can find out what happened to Noel.”

The 21-year-old has been missing since November 22.

“Some information has developed that there may be evidence here along Riverfront Park or possibly in the river, so we requested assistance from the New York State Police divers,” DeWolf said.

The information police received stemmed from a meeting with a task force that comprised of members from the FBI, NYSP and Troy police.

noel troy search hudson

“But it does relate to the missing persons case of Noel, and we’re just going forward from here,” DeWolf said.

Divers spent close to three hours in the water searching for evidence that DeWolf said may not be there.

“We have no idea as to what we’re looking for, but I’m not at liberty to discuss that with the public right now,” DeWolf said.

Officials won’t say much because they don’t want to compromise the investigation. Whether they find what they’re looking for or not, DeWolf said police won’t stop until they close the case.

“It’s very frustrating because we’ve had a lot of leads, but they really haven’t panned out, and we’re hoping that this brings us something,” he said.

troy noel evidence search 120415

Divers and search teams will be back at the scene at 8 a.m. Saturday.

DeWolf said even though they’re not certain evidence is at the river, it’s a lead, and they’ll continue to investigate until they find what they’re looking for they’re confident the evidence is not there.

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