California massacre pair’s garage described as “bomb making factory”

Syed Rizwan Farook
This undated photo provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows Syed Rizwan Farook who has been named as the shooting suspect in the San Bernardino shootings. Farook communicated with individuals who were under FBI scrutiny in connection with a terrorism investigation. But the official said the contact was with "people who weren't significant players on our radar," dated back some time, and there was no immediate indication of any "surge" in communication ahead of the shooting. (California Department of Motor Vehicles via AP)

SAN BERNARDINO, C.A. (NEWS10) – We are learning more about the married couple at the center of the San Bernardino massacre.

Investigators now say the pair was prepared for battle with an arsenal of weapons.

Rifles, pistols, thousands of rounds of ammunition and bomb making materials were all found at the home Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Now investigators want to know how they got their hands on at least some of the weapons.

The two pistols and two rifles used in the attack were bought legally, but not by Farook. Investigators want to know if the person who bought the rifles was acting on Farook’s behalf or if the weapons were stolen.

Police say the pair was dressed in tactical gear and heavily armed.

A search of their home uncovered a large amount of bomb making material; the garage being described as a virtual bomb making factory.

The arsenal of other weapons found inside could be used to kill hundreds of others. The FBI is now leading the investigation trying to determine if this was an act of terrorism.

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