Local church lifts Calif. shooting victims up in prayer

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A vigil was held at a Colonie church on Thursday for those hurt and killed in the California mass shooting.

The Victory Christian Church was filled Thursday night for a prayer service. Pastor Charlie Muller asked for “special prayers.” He said prayer was the best weapon a community has.

During the service, prayers were said over 14 people to represent the lives lost in the tragic shooting. The same was done for the 21 injured.

The prayer service called for healing, peace and safety through song.

“We’ve rallied tonight to pray for this certain situation,” Muller said. “I think long distance, that’s the best thing that we can do.”

Patti Baye is a pastor and attended the prayer service.

“To recognize that only God can do what we need him to do, and that is to keep us safe and that is to bless us,” she said. “We are one nation under God. We are the most blessed nation in the entire world.”

In closing, Muller and those who attended lifted up their voices with what he called “the most powerful son” he knows: “Nothing But The Love of Jesus.”

Muller said he unfortunately knows that it won’t be the last prayer service his church holds because of a mass shooting, but he said the best thing anyone can do is help.

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