Why you need to work out in your 20’s

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s never too late to get fit. And it’s also never too early. When people exercise more in their twenties, it reduces their chances of dying of cancer and heart disease by their fifties.

If you don’t work out regularly in your 20’s, it’s going to cost you. Once you hit your 30’s and further on, it’s harder to burn fat and build muscles.

Back in 1985, the University of Michigan put nearly 5,000 volunteers between 18 & 30 years-old on a treadmill, and pushed them to their maximum exertion to test their endurance. They were followed with annual check for 25 years, and now, the results are in. For every additional minute that the volunteer ran on that treadmill 25 years ago, their risk of dying in middle age went down another 15%.

In other words, the less time people spent on the treadmill in your twenties, their risk of dying *now* increased by 21%. Heart disease risk is up 20%.

West Springfield Personal trainer Justin Bates told 22News one of the most effective ways for people in their 20’s to stay motivated to work out is to join a group, and keep each other accountable. “They tend to stay because it’s a group,” says Bates. “It’s a team environment. And you don’t want to let your team down by not showing up, so people stay longer and they don’t just drop those resolutions.”

Bates believes what you put in your body is just as important as how you work it. “The 20’s age group, they tend to eat out a lot. Cut out a little bit of that, and then you can afford a gym membership, a little bit of training or some help. Winter time is coming around, so it’s an even better time to join a gym.”

If a gym membership is too expensive, Bates suggests doing free workout videos online at home.

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