Silver ousted from state politics following guilty verdict

Sheldon Silver's name was stripped from his name plate at the LOB of the Capitol following his guilty verdict. (NEWS10)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Once considered to be one of the most powerful men in Albany, it’s safe to say New Yorkers will never see Sheldon Silver’s face here at the Capitol again.

It’s part of the fallout from the jury’s verdict. Silver was found guilty on all seven counts against him.

As soon as that guilty verdict came down, he was immediately removed from his seat in the assembly.

Following the three week trial with testimony from 25 witnesses the jury found that Silver traded his office for riches.

Jury deliberations got off to a rocky start when a juror asked to be dismissed, accusing her fellow jurors of pressuring her.

She says the judge stepped in and peace was restored, giving her a chance to look through all of the disclosure forms at her own pace.

At least one local attorney believes Silver has legitimate grounds for appeal.

Defense Attorney Arnold Proskin says it was a problem that Silver’s own attorney did not put on a defense before the jury.

When two jurors asked to be removed were told to keep deliberating, Proskin says that could also be grounds for appeal.

He says that appeals process could take years, and he believes Silver will remain free on bail during that time.

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