Museum highlighting Albany’s political corruption a possibility

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A professor at the College of Saint Rose is looking to boost Albany’s tourism revenue, but he’s doing it in a way that has become a bit controversial.

He’s raising money to open a museum highlighting the city’s political corruption. It’s an idea this music professor have had for a couple years now.

“This is something that Albany should be proud of,” said Bruce Roter, Founder of Museum of Political Corruption.

In four years, he has a vision to open a museum on the city’s past and most recent political scandals.

Visitors to the museum of political corruption can learn about the State’s long history of political scandals as well as a chance to hear about those who fought hard to eliminate corruption. Roter says the repeated corruption cases needs to stop.

“Evidently, we haven’t learned the lesson of history yet,” said Bruce Roter, Founder of Museum of Political Corruption.

So he’s hoping the museum will help do that. By being a daily reminder to those leaders.

“It’s time that we reclaim our name and we built this museum, so that we can demonstrate what good governance is all about by putting on display bad governance,” said Roter.

While Roter wants it for educational purposes, others see it as putting a bad label to Albany’s reputation.

“It sounds cute, it sounds like a novelty. I wonder if it’s really something that is sustainable and then the larger question – do we really want to glorify the corruption? I don’t know if that is really necessary,” said John McDonald, NYS Assemblyman.

Roter responded by assuring the museum won’t give attention to a special person – but rather make everyone realize how bad the problem is.

“Our museum is not going to focus on any single individual and it’s not the intent of our museum to demonize any particular politician. If anything, our museum is going to humanize the entire process,” said Roter.

To build the museum will cost millions of dollars, and that’s why Roter has a fundraiser – to see his vision come to fruition.

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