Group demands Walmart boycott after local worker fired

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Thomas Smith was fired from his job at Walmart for collecting recyclables, and now a local group is calling for a boycott.

A list of demands was sent to the East Greenbuch Walmart last week:

  • Reinstate
  • Pay back wages
  • Apologize for way he was treated and retract statements where they call him a thief, and to retract statement that he lied on his application.

Now support and calls are coming from around the world of people condemning Walmart.

On the Color of Change petition, 70,000 people have signed demanding they reinstate Smith and transfer him to another store. They have repeatedly talked to managers of the EG Walmart, but have gotten no response.

So after a week, Walmart has ignored these three demands.

The Center for Law and Justice demands an immediate boycott of Walmart stores, contacting petitioners to help them carry out boycott across the country. But they are mainly focusing on the EG Walmart.

Their boycott will go into effect now immediately through January 1 and they are also going to pursue lawsuit against Walmart.

Lawyers say there are a number of angles they can take. The good news is Mr. Smith no longer wishes to work for Walmart. He feels even if he gets reinstated he will be retaliated against.

He has been offered and accepted a job with DJM Maintenance in Castleton. The Executive Director there wants to give him a chance to get his life back on track.

Mr. Smith will get $12 an hour starting tomorrow.

The Center for Law and Justice is still committed to pressing Walmart to carry through with demands; a back pay and apology.

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