Planned Parenthood beefs up security locally

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Local Planned Parenthood clinics are taking a closer look at their security systems after a shooting at a Colorado clinic.

A shooting at a Colorado clinic on Friday, killed two civilians and one police officer, and multiple others were injured. Governor Andrew Cuomo has since announced New York State Police would be increasing their patrols at New York clinics.

NYSP released a statement saying:

“State police are having discussions with staff at planned parenthood clinics around the state about security. The state police will also be increasing patrols of clinics in coordination with local law enforcement.”

Local Planned Parenthood clinics are also stepping up security.

All Planned Parenthood clinics in the Upper Hudson Region use key cards, security cameras and bullet proof glass at the reception desk to keep their staff and patients safe.

“[Patients] are very used to coming here and knowing how secure our facility is,” CEO of the Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood Chelly Hegan said. “You don’t just breeze into Planned Parenthood.”

However, after the shooting incident, the clinic is adding a security guard standing at the front door for extra safety.

“We have incredibly strong security systems in place, and we always have,” Hegan said. “Our security protocols are really well developed. We work closely with local law enforcement. We’ve worked closely with local FBI agents as well as all the support we get from our national office.”

Hegan said the political climate surrounding Planned Parenthood needs to change.

“We spend a lot of time demonizing and separating each other instead of figuring out how we can work better together, and I think that that’s what starts to incite violent and radical behavior,” she said.

The Albany Planned Parenthood clinic will have increased security for the rest of the week.

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