Multiple NY lawmakers facing corruption charges

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Former assembly speaker Sheldon Silver was found guilty of federal corruption charges on Monday as one of multiple lawmakers facing charges.

Sheldon Silver was one of the “three men in a room” in Albany. The former leader of the assembly also met with the senate leader and the governor.

Another one of those three men is still on trial. Former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son Adam were also in court on Monday.

Prosecutors accuse Skelos of using his senate clout to extort payments and jobs for his son. Defense lawyers said the government is unjustly criminalizing politics and a typical father-son relationship.

Silver’s lawyers had argued that the 71-year old had not committed a crime, and his actions were normal for politicians in Albany.

Local attorney Arnold Proskin has also served as a prosecutor, judge and assemblyman. He said Skelos has to be a little nervous.

“I thought the case against Skelos was better for the prosecution than the case against Shelly to be very honest with you,” he said. “You see, the thing with Shelly was attorneys are allowed to get referral fees. If I send a client to somebody and they’re specialists, I’m allowed to get a percentage of the fee, but $5 million. They saw all this happening, and they said that’s not right, not right.”

Last week, the senate’s former deputy majority leader, Tom Libous, was sentenced to six months house arrest after being convicted of lying to the FBI about getting his son a job.

The U.S. Attorney did not seek jail time for the 62-year old since he’s battling terminal cancer.


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