Super Bowl Sunday: Section II goes 0-2 in the Carrier Dome


Saratoga Blue Streaks lose to the Aquinas Little Irish: Even though Saratoga could not take home its very first Class AA State Title in the Carrier Dome today, Head Coach Terry Jones said he was very proud  of the way his guys approached the game. They played hard but they just got beat by a better team.

“I’m proud of my kids. I mean, they’ve had an incredible season.  They’ve accomplished some things that no other kids at Saratoga have ever done.  They’ve accomplished some things that some kids in New York State never get to do. So it hurts right now, but it’s an opportunity and a game they get to play in the carrier dome that they’ll remember”, said Jones.

“This is a tough loss for all the seniors and it’s unfortunate, but we’re going to move on to the next chapter of our lives and no matter what, I’m happy with the outcome of this season”, said Senior Dakota Harvey.

“It’s great for Saratoga.  We just have to finish the job now. Maybe somebody can come from behind and finish the job for us”, said Brian Williams.

“You’re not going to get here by sitting on the couch so we said pass the torch and the underclassmen will have to carry it on”, said Coach Jones.

So Saratoga ended its historic season in the Carrier Dome for the very first time in program history. The Blue Streaks end the season with an impressive final record of 11-1.


3rd ranked Schuylerville loses to number 1 ranked Cazenovia Lakers:

The 3rd ranked Black Horses of Schuylerville were also in their first State Title game in school history at the Carrier Dome.

In order for them to claim the State Championship, they had to take down number one seed of Cazenovia Lakers.

Schuylerville came out all business like, black-on-black.

After they were up early 6-0, the Horses scored on a 31-yard touchdown on 4th and 2 to go up 12-0 after the two point conversion was no good.

In the second quarter, the Lakers answered for a 21-yard score to make the game 12-7.

Lakers went up 15-12, time was winding down in the half, on a 4th and 1 play the Horses respond with their own 33-yard touchdown to take a 4 point lead going into halftime.

Start of the 3rd quarter the Lakers score again for a 11 yard score. Cazenovia was up 22-19.

The last chance for the Horses and they couldn’t convert on 4th and 33. The Cazenovia Lakers won 22-19 in a back and forth affair. This was the fourth straight year that a Section II Class B team has lost in the dome.

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