Anderson County church gives single mom delivering pizza $1,400 tip

ROCKY TOP (WATE) – An entire Anderson County church congregation in Rocky Top came together on Sunday to give a life changing tip to a pizza delivery woman.

Audrey Martin has been delivering pizzas at Domino’s for four months. It isn’t just a job – it’s her family’s livelihood because she’s a single mom with three little ones all under five years old.

“It’s definitely hard doing it all on my own. I’m staying strong and I just have to thank the Lord,” she said.

She’s even more thankful because Covenant Life Church ordered 10 pizzas for the children’s bible study on Sunday. When she showed up, she was asked onto the stage by the pastor.

“Do you share tips? Listen, we paid you for that. Here’s $1,400,” said Pastor Tony McAfee to Martin in cell phone video of the special moment.

Since most tips add up to $10, this moment was priceless.

“I’m telling you, there was a miracle moment Sunday, no doubt about it,” added Pastor McAfee.

Martin wasn’t even scheduled to work on Sunday. She came in all on her own to help. Only the pastor knew about this surprise and in turn he was surprised at his congregation’s generosity.

“One of the greatest ways to illustrate our faith is action. Faith without works is dead,” he said.

Pastor Tony McAfee
Pastor Tony McAfee

The surprise donation is having an incredible impact.

“I was just thinking how I could finally get a place for my kids because I recently lost my apartment and I was thinking how I could give my kids a good Christmas,” said Martin.

Going forward Covenant Life Church hopes to do more ministry projects like this to help the community.

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