Seniors dancing to fight aging process

LATHAM, NY (NEWS 10) – They say dancing is good for the soul.

A group of seniors at one dance studio have also proved that dancing can make you feel and look younger.

Protecting memory is a big concern for seniors and by dancing to the music and learning the steps, it’s proved to help with that.

Inside the Fred Astaire Dance Studio you’ll find 77-year old Charlotte Buchanan ballroom dancing, something she’s been doing for almost ten years.

She takes lessons twice a week and says she can’t ever see herself stopping anytime soon.

“I feel good,” Charlotte tells News 10.

Buchanan says ballroom dancing has helped her posture as well as lift her spirits

“Everybody knows that they’re supposed to exercise to maintain health,” Buchanan says. “And if you can exercise, and have a good time, and make your spirits soar, then that’s the best of both worlds.”

According to an anti- aging study, ballroom dancing does work to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia, the research showed an incidence rate of dementia of only 24 % and 76% less than normal in a 20 year study of seniors.

And someone who’s noticed a difference in these seniors’ health is their dance instructor.

“I think people definitely get more mobile,” dance instructor Boris Spitchka told News 10. “The range of the motions increase the balance and they get 10 to 15 years younger.”

By keeping their minds and bodies active it can help improve brain function in the long run.




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