Rad Soap and Death Wish Coffee team to make coffee-infused soap

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Two local family owned businesses have joined forces to create what they’re calling the world’s most powerful caffeinated body care products.

Heather Kovar was there for the first day of production of products by Death Wish Coffee and RAD soap. She cut the first bar.

The new products include soap, body cream and sugar scrub.

RAD Soap Company got it’s start out of Sue Kerber’s Cohoes kitchen. It was an effort to create a natural product to cure her son’s eczema. You can now find RAD in farmers’ markets, stores across the country, even in South Korea.

The news products paired with Death Wish include a soap, body cream and sugar scrub.

“Caffeine in body products has been used for years now, especially in scrubs.  It’s used for firming, it’s used for anti-cellulite, it’s used for anti-aging. It’s full of anti-oxidants so it’s really great for the skin,” said Samantha Ferri, Creative Direction for RAD soap.

All of RAD’s products are organic, vegan friendly, use non-gmo oils and hemp.


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