Jury begins deliberations in Silver trial, one juror asks to be excused

Sheldon Silver

NEW YORK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The corruption case against former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is now in the hands of the jury.

Silver was in Manhattan awaiting judgement resolutely and telling News 10 he will be vindicated.

Notes from the jury to the judge Tuesday came very early in the deliberation process causing some arguments between the prosecution and defense of how they should be handled.

In one note a juror asks to be excused from the case.

Less than two hours into deliberations a note came to the judge, in it a juror says she has a different view in the case she says quote “I’m feeling pressured.” she said she is stressed out and “I need to leave.”

She was not excused, a second note came saying a juror is having a difficult time distinguishing whether or not “exchanging NYS funds for something in return is illegal.”

The judge then re-read part of the jury instructions to the jury.

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver remained confident this morning as a jury of eight women and four men continued to deliberate.

When asked if he was nervous, “the courtroom will decide,” was his response.

They will decide if they believe he is guilty of using his political position to gain around $4 million illegally through bribes and kickbacks.

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