Equinox spends whole week preparing meals for less fortunate

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s the stuff – or shall we say “stuffing” that makes Thanksgiving such a great holiday.

Some of the 3,500 volunteers who take part each year in preparing and delivering the 10,000 Equinox meals spent their entire Tuesday making stuffing and pulling turkey. They’ve been working straight through since Sunday and won’t stop until all the meals are delivered for the 46th Annual Equinox Thanksgiving Event.

It’s the culmination of efforts all year to help those in need; whether they be victims of abuse, addiction, or kids who need help getting on the right path.

Christina Rajotte, development director with Equinox says, “We do so much through the year that this seems a natural fit that during the holiday times when so many folks we know in need can have a nutritious meal, but also to have the camaraderie and the community to come together to help our neighbors in need.”

Equinox says it’s a good sign that the number of meals needed has held steady for a few years now, but if the need grows they’ll find a way to provide even more food in the future.

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