Cat from Oregon celebrates 124th birthday

OREGON (NEWS10) – A cat in Oregon in has lived so long he’s now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

His name is Corduroy. He loves naps, hunting mice, and cuddling… and he’s also 26-years-old.

That’s 124 in cat years!

His owner picked him up when he was just a kitten at 6-years-old. Typically cats only live until they’re about 15 or so.

It looks like Corduroy’s genes may be to thank for the long life. His brother, Batman lived until he was 19.

“I really think the key to his longevity is I’ve allowed him to be a cat. We’ve kept his claws and I think that really has helped him out. It’s allowed him to go outside and defend himself and also hunt,” said Corduroy’s owner.

His owner hopes Corduroy’s longevity ill encourage people to stop de-clawing their cats. The cat will soon be featured in National Geographic Magazine.

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