2015 Trouble in Toyland report released

PITTSFIELD, MA (NEWS 10) – Dangerous or toxic toys can still be found on America’s store shelves according to a new report released Thursday in Berkshire County.

The 30th annual Trouble in Toyland report reveals the results of laboratory testing on toys for toxic chemicals that can have serious, negative impacts on a child’s health and development.

The survey also found examples of toys that pose a choking hazard, extremely loud toys that can threaten children’s hearing, and powerful toy magnets that can cause serious injury if swallowed.

It wasn’t all bad news.

“We’re actually really happy to announce that we did not find any toys that we tested with excessive levels of lead in them,” said Michael Basmajian campus organizer with MASSPIRG said. “We see it as a huge indicator that efforts to get rid of some of worst toxics in toys have been successful over time.”

The report is completed by the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group Education Fund.

To read the entire report, CLICK HERE.

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