Protests at St. Rose over potential cuts

ALBANY, NY (NEWS 10) -Two-hundred people are taking a stand against potential layoffs at the school in front of the administration building where the Board of Directors was set to meet.

“This is our college. Only to find the doors locked and the meeting moved somewhere else. That didn’t stop them from getting their voices heard”, said Kathleen Crowley, who is the president of the local American association of university professors and teaches at Saint Rose.

“I don’t understand why the college would be fighting something that is intrinsically American like our right to speak out”, said David Crucevich.

David Crucevich is an Adjunct Music Professor at the school and said he’s worried for his job.

Six full-time administration positions have been added over the last year and protesters as well as teachers are taking the hit.

“They’ve increased layers of administration and they’ve ignored faculty governance structures that have been working for several years”, said Crucevich.

Tara Pedian and Molly Meyer study Forensic Psychology and said if the cuts affect their program they’ll leave the school.

“We’ve both looked into transferring. We’re not sure where we’re going yet because there are not that many schools. If St. Rose cuts back there are no options and our degree also might be worthless”, said Meyer.

They said they didn’t want to leave Saint Rose but they will if need be.

“The spirit of St. Rose is very strong. We’re very close to our professors. The class sizes are really small. It makes for a really personal experience and we don’t want to lose that”, said Pedian.

Those organizing the protests said this is only the start.

“This is not going to stop. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just going to be one set of cuts and it’s going to be over”, said Crowley.


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