Man charged with Negligent Homicide in fatal Lake George crash

Deso, Brian K

LAKE GEORGE, NY (NEWS10) – 50-year-old Brian Deso had nothing to say about the horrific event that the Warren County Sheriff’s office said unfolded outside his apartment Friday morning at 78 Mohican Street in Lake George.

Investigators said an argument between Deso and 38-year-old Christopher Eddy in regards to Eddy’s girlfriend ended in Eddy’s untimely death. However, there are varied accounts of what happened.

Contractor Jim Wollaber who was working nearby described what he saw.

“The guy started walking away and the guy that ran him over pulled up real quick and stopped in front of him then the guy laid on the hood”, said Wollaber, who works for Skylo Construction.

Investigators said after Eddy jumped on the hood, Deso ran him over but the district attorney’s office said Deso hit Eddy twice.

“It’s alleged the defendant accelerated his vehicle at Christopher Eddy. Christopher then ended up on the hood of the Impala the defendant was operating. Rather than putting the vehicle into the park position the defendant accelerated again”, said Travis Brown, of the Warren County District Attorney’s Office.

But Deso’s public defender said it was an accident.

“The witness account is the defendant was accelerating backwards away from the argument”, said the public defender for Deso.

Lt. Steven Stockdale said Eddy and his girlfriend were drinking this morning and began to argue. Stockdale also said eddy asked Deso to step in and talk to his girlfriend but said eddy became angry when he saw the pair in Deso’s car.

“They were swearing and saying stay away from my wife and things like that”, said Wollaber.

Eddy worked at Price Chopper and his friends said he had his problems but he was a good guy.

“The most crazy, fun, sincere when you needed him just give him a call he’d be there kind of guy”, said Bryan Walker.


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