It’s time to take holiday family photos

If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to take those family photos for holiday cards.

To capture that right look or smile, we got some advice from Anthony Tomasello, Photographer and studio Manager of the newly opened Portrait Innovations on Wolf Road in Colonie.

When working with babies, Tomasello suggests snapping as many pictures in a row to get the shot. He also recommends interacting with them. “With babies you just have to make sounds.You get their attention focused on what you’re doing to make them laugh, rather than they have to be rigid and sitting there posing for a picture,” said Tomasello

He took a few example shots with nine-month-old Gianna Rodrigues and her older brother, seven-year-old Elijah. While getting great shots of these siblings from Rensselaer was a snap, Tomasello says when working with a larger group, there are some things to keep in mind.

“You have to add some depth of field to your images. You don’t want to have everybody straight in a line, you want to have people stacked behind just a little bit, taller people in the back. Always be at a 45 degree angle if you can, you don’t necessarily want to have your chin too far up, too far down, ” says Tomasello.

He says creating fun shots at home can be as easy as having someone hold a small chalkboard with a personalized message, or other props, like milk and cookies.

Models Alex and Abby Dunlavey, ten-year-old twins from Rensselear, are picture perfect.

However, for those wanting to look thinner, Tomasello says stand at an angle, or put someone in front of you. He warns against shooting up at someone.

“It does create a larger image and it kind of disfigures your body. So you either want to be on the same focal plane, or if you at trying to slim, you can shoot down a little bit,” says Tomasello.

If you want to leave the photo taking to the experts, Portrait Innovations on 65 Wolf Road is running some specials.

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