FBI agent speaks on recent ISIS threats at Watervliet Arsenal

WATERVLIET, NY (NEWS10) – “With the mentioning of the Watervliet Arsenal in that video, which everybody reported on, we don’t deem that as a credible intelligence”, said Supervisory Special agent of the FBI Peter Magnetto.

Supervisory Special Agent Peter Magnetto of the FBI broke down the handful of threats spilling into the U.S., including one made here in the Capital region targeting the Watervliet Arsenal.

“Certain propaganda or videos that come out, does not equate to credible or actionable intelligence for us that a threat is going to occur”, said Magnetto.

The FBI being very transparent in the steps they are taking to keep our nations safe. First SSA Magnetto said they looked into any possible connection between the attackers in Paris and people here in the homeland. Next, he said the lines of communication are open in executive board meetings.

“This was everybody from the superintendent of the NYSP to the chief of the chief of the Albany Police Dept. and they come here and we make sure they know exactly what we know and we make sure they are as focused on the threat as we are”, said Magnetto.

Third, ANY tip called in is immediately looked into.

“We have kind of doubled down on efforts on certain investigations within the homeland which we’re worried about that made the attacks in Paris may act as a catalyst for them to conduct attacks here in the homeland”, said Magnetto.

But mostly, the bureau wants to assure people here in the Capital Region and around the nation.

“There is no credible threat right now. I think the American people should feel good about that. I think they should trust, have a good trust in us and we’re going to continue to work hard to keep us safe”, said Magnetto.

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