WPD officer replaces veteran’s stolen bike

WICHITA, Kansas – A Wichita police officer stepped up to help a veteran in need after his bike was stolen.

The officer doesn’t want to be identified, but he says his job is all about helping out his community.

“I try to help people and that’s what I like to do. This job entails helping people,” said the WPD officer.

That’s exactly what he did last month when he met Jerold Jones. Jerold reported his bike, his only form of transportation, had been stolen. A few hours later, Jerold got a knock on the door.

“I come to the door and I said what? I seen who it was and I was like, oh did you find my bike? He said no, I didn’t, but I got one better,” said Jones.

The officer gave Jones his personal bike.

“I decided to go ahead and just help him out. I mean it’s apart of my… not necessarily to give out bikes, but it’s kind of my job description to help people out,” said the officer.

Jones says he keeps his bike locked up just like this one along the fence, right behind his job. If it wasn’t for the officer who donated his own bike, Jones would have been in a tough situation.

“I would have had to walk. If I had to walk, I would have to start at 10, 11 o’clock at night. I don’t walk that far,” Jones said.

Jerold, just thankful he’s back to riding his new bike, the hour and a half ride across town, to get to work every day.

“It’s a nice bike. It rides nice. It gets me to and from. I’m very thankful for it,” said Jones.

“It’s just something that I felt that I wanted to do help him out,” the officer said.

Jones says, he now locks his bike on the fence outside of the of the west patrol Wichita Police Department, saying there are security camera there. That’s about a block from his job.

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