Troy City Council voting down motion to override state property tax cap

TROY, NY (NEWS10) – When Rachel Leibson first heard about the property tax increase, she was not happy.

“The taxes are already pretty high in Troy and I was not a fan of that”, said Leibson.

She said she understands Troy needs money and also knows the increase is needed to keep city services such as snow removal.

“Snow removal is definitely a concern. Having lived in here for several winters it’s already not the best”, said Leibson.

Although the City of Troy hasn’t seen snow yet this year, there was already almost a foot of snow on the ground at this time last winter.

Leibson said she used to live on a hill in Troy and it was a major issue.

“Sometimes they wouldn’t remove the snow until quite late in the morning and I’m a nurse and had to get to work early and couldn’t”, said Leibson.

Mayor Lou Rosamilia said the last thing he wants to do is make cuts. However, if City Council doesn’t vote to override the tax cap, thirty city employees could lose their job.

That means some public works employees that are trained to run the snow plows could be let go.

If there is a snow storm where two shifts of plows are needed, some roads get go untouched.

“So they would work for 12 hours and another crew would come on. And maybe we won’t have that second shift to come on”, said Rosamilia

Leibson said she would rather pay the extra money. “

“In the long one it’s probably better to have the services even though it will be painful to pay higher taxes”, said Leibson.

Leibson also does not want to have to worry about snow removal and other services going away.

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