Special Report: Real Life Super Dad

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – We continue our “super mom” week Thursday by shining a light on a super dad.

Over the past decade or so, parental roles and responsibilities have changed. For some they’ve outright swapped – with more and more dads staying home while mom pursues a career. But more often than not, raising our children has become a much more shared experience with dads being more hands on than ever.

Derick Jacobs works three jobs. He’s out the door before sunrise every weekday and isn’t home until dinner time. He’s also got a gig on the weekends cleaning offices. We asked him how involved he is with his step-kids due to his busy schedule.

super dad 4

“I come home and cook dinner. Make dinner for everybody. Bath the children get them ready for bed. I end up doing laundry while I’m at it. Do the dishes. Whatever needs to be done,” said Jacobs.

super dad 2

Derick’s mother-in-law reached out to NEWS10ABC on Facebook, raving about him and what a tremendous father he is to his four stepchildren. Sentiments echoed by his wife Tracy.

“He’s 100% hands on ever since we moved in with him. He goes to doctor appointments and school functions, if he can get the time off,” Tracy said. “The bulk of the day he’s gone… and you wouldn’t even know he’s gone because he does so much around here,” she continued.

So what drives this “Energizer Bunny?” Derick says he’s simply trying to make sure these kids are growing up with the support he didn’t have.

“They need that influence. They need you constantly around. They want to hear approval.” Jacob explained. “I came from a very broken family. I didn’t have a big family. Now I have a big family. Sometimes a little too big…”

After Derick’s story aired on NEWS10ABC, we got a call from Pastor Charlie’s community at Victory Christian Church. They will be donating a Thanksgiving dinner to him – with TWO turkeys.


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