Special Report: Beating the Odds

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Inside an ordinary home a most extraordinary tale is being written and since every story needs a hero, meet Kevin Tyrrell.

“He’s funny, he’s a funny kid, laughs, he’s got a great sense of humor,” Ken Tyrrell, Kevin’s father tells News 10. “So yeah he’s a special guy for sure”

From the beach, to band, to theater, to prom, Kevin is your typical teenager.

With one exception, he was born with cerebral palsy.

“With Kevin it’s pretty much all physical,” Mother Polly Tyrrell said. “He’s mentally he’s just all there.”

Now you might think a boy confined to a chair doing all of this is impressive, but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover.

In this case Kevin’s book, the one he wrote without ever putting a single finger on the keyboard.

“Yeah people always have a question about how do you type with your nose,” Ken Tyrrell says.

That’s right; at just 19, Kevin’s an author creating new worlds, one word at a time, like this.

“I can do a page every two minutes,” Kevin says.

Because this is so hard, it was not love at first type.

“For so many years it was like pulling teeth, he wasn’t really interested in it,” Polly Tyrrell says. “But then one day he decided he wanted to write a book and of course I kind of chuckled”

Kevin wasn’t kidding. While his body has limits, his imagination is bound by nothing and the stories started pouring out.

How many?

“I’ve finished four and I’ve started like ten,” Kevin says.

He has a lot of stories in his head.

His first novel is now published, and at a recent book singing he met his adoring fans.

And had a little fun, letting them see firsthand, how hard this is.

But he’s not just a writer.

Kevin also has a nose for art, literally, creating images like these on his tablet, all this, from his beautiful mind.

“So for those who don’t understand what CP’s about, um physically there are challenges? Yeah,” Kevin says. “But up here there’s no challenges.”

Books, paintings, a website, like the characters in his stories; Kevin’s adventure is just beginning

“When he was really little I had prayed that he would have a sense of humor,” Polly Tyrrell said. “That when people meet him with his wheelchair that they would see beyond the wheelchair quickly and just see him as a person and that seems to be happening quite a bit.”

As for fame?

“I would like the next book, I’d like, I hope to publish by a big company,” Kevin says.

Big dreams from a kid with a big heart, who despite being born with so many challenges, decided to toss out the script and write his own happy ending,

And sign it with courage and love.

If you would like to purchase one of Kevin’s books, Click Here.

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