Reiki used to treat ADHD and stress

If you are dealing with stress, or a child with ADHD, there may be a holistic alternative to check out.

We check in with Reiki Master Franki Porcaro at Balanced Mind-Body-Spirit in Glens Falls.

Porcaro says if you get a panic attack or feel stressed at work, start by deep breathing. Then, as you continue to breath, you can place your hands near each chakra. Your crown, third eye, your throat, your cardiac, your solar, your sacral and your root.

She also recommends keeping a handkerchief or a washcloth in your desk  or pocket, and add some essential oils, such as lavender. You can inhale this as you breathe in.

Porcaro says Reiki helps children with ADHD as well as people with PTSDE by manipulating energies and getting them to flow properly again.

It also clears your aura. Porcaro says it helps with children because they’re more open and receptive to it. Keep your eyes open, soon Porcaro is opening another location where there will be classes and space for other therapies.


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