Target selling products from Upstate New York farm

SHARON SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Sharon Springs duo has taken its small farm products and put them on the shelves of one of the country’s retail giants.

You may know them from their Cooking Channel show “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” and now you can put their crops straight into your cart.

When partners Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge lost their New York City jobs during the recession, they turned their weekend getaway in Sharon Springs into their livelihood.

“We work ten times harder on the farm and in this current business than we ever did in our fancy jobs in New York City,” they said.

The pair owns the historic Beekman Farm, which they brought back to life, because of Farmer John and his goats.

“Farmer John had written a note and placed it in our mailbox and said, ‘I’m losing the place where I’m farming. Could I please bring my goats to your property to graze,’” Ridge said.

And so a partnership was born.

“So they decided to make some products out of the milk, which I needed a market for to sell the milk,” goat farmer John Hall said.

The group began to produce products like soap, cheese and salad dressing. From there the Beekman Boys began cooperating other small farms and manufacturers.

The farm fresh foods caught the attention of Target. The store tested a few products that flew off the shelves.

But it’s not just good food. It’s food with a purpose. The Beekman Boys said their line of products is about helping people like Farmer John who poured his heart and soul into his animals.

“The favorite thing is to see the pictures of my goats out there, so people get to see my goats,” Hall said. “That’s why I do it. Because of the goats.”

A wide variety of 48 different items are now sold in 900 Target stores nationwide.

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