Syrian refugee in N.C. says he’s on an ISIS hit list

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – There are 59 Syrian refugees living in North Carolina, according to state officials. One of those refugees is Molham Al Hasni.

Hasni escaped from Syria and has been living in Raleigh. He says he would love to go back to his country with his family but says ISIS makes that impossible. He also says his name is on a hit list.

“If they catch me, absolutely, they kill me or any names on the list,” Hasni said.

Hasni isn’t alone. Wael is also a Syrian refugee living in Raleigh.

“My hometown got destroyed and it’s not safe anymore,” Wael said.

While Wael says his name is not on an ISIS hit list, he fears that speaking to the media could put him on one.

“They struggle to survive every day. The war destroyed most of the infrastructure,” Wael told WNCN. “They don’t have electricity, barely two hours a day. It’s hard to get water, clean water to drink,” Wael added.

Wael is grateful to the U.S. government for giving him a safe place to live, but the call from some U.S. politicians to close America’s borders to Syrian refugees frustrates him.

That group of politicians includes North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

“What worries me is that some of these people could actually be ISIS,” McCrory said. “We have an act of war going on that could come to our country and my job as governor is to protect the people of our state while also showing empathy to those people who are being harmed by terrorists.”

McCrory said he is concerned that the North Carolina government is not getting enough information from the State Department about who is coming.

“We would trust them more if they would tell us what they are doing,” McCrory said.

But Wael says the attacks in Paris show the savagery Syrian refugees are facing.

“ISIS has killed thousands of Syrians every day in Syria. You cannot say if that person coming from Syria, then he’s ISIS. You cannot generalize,” Wael said.

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