Social media plays conflicting roles in terror situations

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – ISIS has been very successful in using social media to attract radicals to their terror cells around the world. They can live anywhere and still connect with each other on Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms or in this case, possibly online video games.

ISIS has Twitter accounts and often posts video claiming responsibility for its attacks on its websites.

John Rogers, professor of International Business at American International College, told 22News, “It’s very difficult to deal with. These people can pop up anywhere, and they’re very sophisticated. They use the Internet, they use technology; they apparently did a lot of the planning for this using a PlayStation game with code words in the game.”

Facebook also helped connect victims with concerned family members immediately after the Paris attacks.

Facebook’s ‘Safety Check’ feature has only been used five times before, after some natural disasters. In this case, more than four-million Facebook users notified friends they were safe, through this feature.

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