Former Watervliet police chief expected in court

WATERVLIET, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Mark Fiet used to report for duty as the former chief at the Watervliet Police Department.

The station happens to be next door to the city court where he turned himself in two weeks ago – and he’ll be back here Tuesday.

Fiet retired from the police department back in 2003 and continued his work at the Parker Brothers Funeral Home, eventually becoming director.

According to the Albany District Attorney’s Office, an audit of the funeral home done back in 2013 uncovered his alleged embezzlement scheme.

Investigators say they found fraudulent entries in an attempt to cover the culprit’s tracks, dating back to at least 2011.

But he didn’t do this alone – another trusted employee is also under investigation – 58-year-old Sam Catalano, Jr.

The 64-year-old plead not guilty to charges of grand larceny and falsifying business records – both felonies.

The tally of the alleged theft is expected to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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