Community comes together to help those displaced by fire

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Help is on the way for the people who lost their homes in a massive fire in downtown Albany last week.

A massive fire destroyed a building in Albany’s South End neighborhood. Even though it burned next to where people lived, the water and smoke damage made their homes uninhabitable. Fifteen people were displaced by the fire.

“Some families need everything,” bJesenia Alcantara, daughter of the building owner, said. “They lost everything. People walked out with the clothes they had on. They held their kids and they ran out and that is it.”

A week after a huge fire burned a building down, the people in the building next door still can’t go home. The water and smoke damage was extreme.

Some of the ones displaced are in hotels, or they are staying with family and friends. Every day is a test of survival. Their neighbors are planning a fundraiser to help replace what was left behind.

“It’s very straining,” Alcantara said. “People are very tried. People are very devastated and very sad. It’s difficult on our part because we are trying our best.”

Alcantara said their tenants are like family. She said the amount of physical loss in such a short amount of time is taking a mental toll on the parents and providers.

“They’re telling me, ‘I can’t sleep. I haven’t been eating right. I’m devastated,’” Alcantara said. “And [they] just keep thinking about the situation.”

The people that lived in the building became homeless within a matter of minutes, but their community standing up for them. They have pooled resources and are making plans to support them in whatever way they need. Currently, they still have nothing.

“We all have to come up together,” Alcantara said. “We can’t just crawl on top of each other and see who gets on top. We’ve all got to life each other up.”


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