11/17 Pet Connection: Glimmer

I’m Glimmer 5 months old…….Domestic Shorthair…Spayed….. I was born in June this past summer into a very sad situation. We were found in an abandoned a barn full of cats and kittens, and we were rescued by Kitten Angels. I had a terrible start—I was quite ill with an upper respiratory infection, then ringworm, and then I got better! I turned into a very playful, healthy kitten. I’m a bit shy, though. I am sweet, and once I begin to trust you I am very loving. If you are looking for a kitty who loves to play, or a companion for another pet, give me a shot! I turned from a very sad and malnourished girl into a sweet and healthy one, so I’m sure my personality is still coming out! I am on the quiet side, but when it’s dinner time or time to explore the house I will let you know. Please give me a chance. I’m good with other cats especially!

Kitten Angels phone number is 573-9906

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