Nominate Capital Heroes Here

Capital Bank and NEWS10 ABC have partnered to create Capital Heroes. The purpose of this campaign is to recognize local charitable organizations that do extraordinary things that positively impact our community. Our goal is to call attention to organizations and the people that make our community a better place.  They improve the lives of many, with very little recognition,

Each month, a committee made up of both NEWS10 ABC and Capital Bank staff will select a charitable organization to be featured in a monthly series of video vignettes introduced by NEWS10 ABC Anchors Christina Arangio and Ryan Peterson. NEWS10 ABC and Capital Bank will provide a link to the featured charity’s website and a method to support the charity. Social media will be used as well!

The staffs at Capital Bank and NEWS10 ABC are deeply involved in the community. Many volunteer their time, raise money, and serve on boards of local charities. Capital Heroes provides an opportunity for us to recognize organizations that make a difference!

To recommend an organization, fill out the form below and in 500 words or less describe:

  • How an organization you volunteer with, or one you are very familiar with, provides a service or product that dramatically impacts the lives of others.
  • In particular, what charitable organization through its staff and volunteers, works hard every day to improve the lives of others, with little recognition?
  • Examples of how the lives of those that receive service are affected would be helpful.

Please provide the name and contact information of the charity, and the name of the individual(s) that you think represents the organization’s mission.

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