Strongest college wrestlers compete in the Journeymen Northeast Duels

TROY, NY (NEWS10) – Some of the strongest college athletes in the country were in the capital region Sunday afternoon at Hudson valley community college for the Journeymen Wrestling Northeast Duals.

20 teams were competing in troy today with 11 of them ranking in the nation’s top-25.

Duanesburg grad and two-time NCAA champion Nick Gwiazdowski dominated on the mat, winning all three of his matches against Army, Sacred Heart and the University of Minnesota.

NEWS10ABC’s Josh Rultenberg caught up with the one they call the “Gwizz” to get his take on a possible three-peat.

“This is probably one of the best preseasons that I’ve had, coming off a big win last weekend. so, my confidence will build as it goes on and it gets closer to the national tournament. But overall, this is probably the best in-shape and strongest I’ve ever been. So, it’s going to be a good year I think”, said Gwiazdowski.

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