Friends, family help Massachusetts couple get through Paris attacks

(NEWS10) – “So we arrived on the afternoon of the 13th, so the day it happened”, said Brenden Noronha.

It’s their first trip to Europe, to Paris. It’s a trip they’ve been counting down the days to. The Noronha’s checked into their “B&B” in District Ten and headed out for a bite to eat.

“We were relatively tired because we hadn’t adjusted to the time difference, so we had decided to have dinner early and go back and hang out”, said Brendan.

Having an early dinner and heading back to their flat just ten minutes away from the city meant they missed the chaos of the terrorist attacks on the city of light.

“To be honest, I was sleeping, she woke me up and we didn’t have TV so she was getting alerts on her phone. I thought it was a dream at first. Literally I thought it was a dream”, said Brenden.

“Immediately my stomach just sank. I was terrified for the people out on the streets because everybody is so nice there. Everyone just sits out on cafes and enjoy their evenings. To attack people like that is just unfathomable for me so I was just so, so in shock”, said Tiffany Noronha.

Friends, family and a strong faith is what got them through this terrifying time. Even helping the couple raise enough money to buy new plane tickets to come home after problems arose with their original tickets back to the states.

“God is so good and he’s so good to us in our situation”, said Tiffany.

“We are just so overwhelmed by the love and support”, said Brenden.

Brenden and Tiffany are now staying with friends at an army base in Germany where they said they feel safe and plan to stay there until they head home.

“We’re not going to go back to Paris. We just don’t feel like it’s the right thing at this time”, said Tiffany.

An eye-opening experience, they said. But it won’t stop them from returning in the future.

“It’s been really beautiful over here and even though we haven’t gotten to do a lot of the things we intended to do, we’ll definitely be back to really enjoy this beautiful country”, said Brenden.

“We’re just kind of ready to go home and see our family and our loved ones and that’s honestly all we want to do right now because that means the world to us”, said Tiffany.

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