NANOvember brings the force to SUNY Poly sites statewide

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – NANOvember continued on Saturday at SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Children’s Museum of Science and Technology (SUNY Poly CMOST).

Saturday was “Star Wars day,” one of their biggest event of the month, which gave people young and old a chance to learn about the force, including levitation and magnetism.

SUNY Poly CMOST Director of Operations Laurie Miedema said the day featured many different programs, with its goal being to get more kids interested in not just the force but science in general.

“It just exposes them to science on very different levels, it ties it in through Star Wars today”, said Laurie Miedema

“We don’t necessarily think we’ll create the rocket scientist here, but maybe turn them on to think it’s a possibility down the road” , said Miedema.

The program is run every year with different types of exhibits and activities on each of the themed weekends.

All events are organized through the school.