Former local woman, who now lives close to Paris, had no idea of attacks near by

(NEWS10) – “I’ve felt a lot of support coming from the states and through the social media networks”, said Darcy hull.

Darcy Hull, who is originally from Greene County, now lives just about eight miles from Paris. Earlier, I was able to chat with her on the phone and shockingly she had no idea what was happening just a few miles away.

“I wasn’t really aware of anything going on until I started getting messages from my phone asking where are you? Are you okay? And some of my family in the states knew before I did and they were already inquiring, you know, about my safety”, said Hull.

One of those family members was her sister Carly.

“Instantly you get a little bit of panic because she lives so far away, she lives overseas. It’s hard to get in contact with her”, said Carly Agostinoni.

But thanks to social media, they did.

“That’s the easiest way we keep in contact is through Facebook and she had messaged us and let us know that everything was fine and she and her family were okay. Once we heard that she was okay and safe, we were all very relieved”, said Agostinoni.

This family is no stranger to the panic that sets in with terrorist attacks.

“When 9/11 happened I was here in France. I had tried to call because I was worried about people in the states, my brother lived in NYC at the time”, said Darcy.

The feeling of helplessness for this family is setting in once again. But now, knowing Darcy and her family are okay, they’re looking at the silver lining.

“Out of a very negative experience it’s brought out a lot of love and a lot of support and that feels good”, said Darcy.

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